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Stephenie Meyer is the author of the vampire romance series Twilight, the best-selling fiction for young-adults launched in 2005,with the fourth and final book published in 2011. Stephenie continues to write and has recently worked in as a film producer.

Stephenie Meyer was born on December 24, 1973 in Hartford, Connecticut, the second of six children. She was raised in Phoenix, Arizona, where she married her husband Christian in 1994. Attending Brigham Young University in Utah, Meyer received a BA in English in 1997.



Meyer had no experience as a writer before Twilight. In June 2003, the stay at home mum of three had the idea for Twilight after dreaming about a human girl and a vampire who was in love with her, but thirsted for her blood. Over the next three months Meyer transformed her dream into a complete novel. She claims she was writing for her own enjoyment, but her sister persuaded her to send the manuscript to literary agencies. She had just one positive response to the fifteen letters she sent. With eight publishers competing for the rights to publish Twilight an auction was held and by November, Meyer had signed a $750,000 three-book deal with Little, Brown and Company.

Twilight was published in 2005 with a print run of just 75,000 copies. It soon got to the top of the New York Times Best Seller list for Children's Chapter Books. Foreign rights to the novel were sold, with Atom publishing the novels in the UK. To date the four Twilight novels have gained worldwide recognition and sold over 120 million copies with translations into 50 different languages

Following the success of Twilight in 2005, Meyer expanded the story into a series with three more books: New Moon (2006), Eclipse (2007), and Breaking Dawn (2008). Each book made the NewYork Times Bestseller list and won multiple other awards in the USA, breaking records set by J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter books. In the UK Meyer won her first literary award, the "Children's Book of the Year" in 2008 for Breaking Dawn. In 2009 the entire Twilight series won the UK Kids' Choice Award for Favourite Book. In 2010 Meyer published the 200-page novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

When Breaking Dawn was released, Meyer announced this would be the final novel to be told from Bella Swan's perspective. Midnight Sun was to be a companion novel to the series, retelling the events of the novel Twilight, but from the perspective of Edward Cullen. Meyer had hoped to publish Midnight Sun soon after the release of the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2 in 2012, but after an online leak of a rough draft of its first 12 chapters, Meyer chose to delay the project.

To honour the 10th anniversary of the Twilight franchise in 2015, Meyer was asked to write a foreword to the relaunch of Twilight. Instead Meyer wrote the 400 page “Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined” with the genders of the original protagonists switched. There is no Bella, but there is Beau. And Edward the vampire, she's now Edythe. Meyer admits that the gender swapping was in small part to answer to the criticism of Bella being too passive and Edward too controlling in the original script.

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Meyer is also a film producer. She started her own production company 'Fickle Fish Films' in 2011 with producer Meghan Hibbett, spending much of that year producing both parts of Breaking Dawn and the film adaptation of Shannon Hale's novel Austenland.

In May 2008, Little, Brown and Company released Meyer's highly-anticipated sci-fi novel for adults called 'The Host'. The movie of 'The Host' was released in March 2013, but was not well reviewed.

Latest news is that Meyer was producing a TV series based on Daniel O’Malley’s book, The Rook in December 2015.

"Twilight is one of the most moving books I have read in a long time. It kept me thinking about it long after I read the last page. Its heartbreaking romance and suspenseful twists made it hard for me to put the book down. Twilight allows the reader to experience a whole new outlook on vampires and how they interact around mankind. After reading this book I recommend it to anyone who would enjoy reading about an incredibly suspenseful romance."

Katie, age 16