The New Moon Movie

Official Trailer

Robert Pattinson's Edward looks perfect with glistening skin and a strong jaw-line. A chaste love triangle between Edward, Jacob and Bella provides the movie with plenty of looks of tortured longing, but not a lot else.

Movie Review:

Edward Cullen exits from the life of his human girlfriend Bella (Kristen Stewart) on her 18th birthday due to the Cullen’s inability to control their instinct to consume human blood at her party. Thus begins the movie's tale of heartache, sexy vampires and unavailability of the male star. A perfect storyline to make many teenage girls' hearts race with the anguish since to be Edward's human girlfriend is complicated as his life is eternal, his girlfriend's mortal. Bella's yearning to be a vampire and join Edward for eternity does not meet with Edward approval because he loves her soul, and he feels he must dump her. Edward's exit leads to more than an hour in the middle of the film where Edward is seen only as a translucent, spectral version of himself to caution Bella (and make it impossible for her to get over him).

Whilst Edward is out of Bella's life, she becomes close to her Quileute neighbour, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and they spend rebound time together repairing motorbikes. Jacob is strong and caring with an athletic physique. Jacob has a love-hate relationship with a group of vaguely menacing boys with six-packs, who are into recreational cliff-jumping. When Bella finds out the Quileute are werewolves, she puts the armistice between vampires and werewolves in jeopardy. Edward comes back into the story when he responds to cryptic information received that makes him assume that Bella has committed suicide. His actions may have deadly consequences that Bella and Alice rush to stop.

Stewart is a more rounded actress in this movie, much less reliant on just looking constantly pained. Pattinson is intriguingly remote and his lack of rippling muscles works for the role. The movie ends with a cliffhanger question that's unanswered... perfect for the next movie in the Twilight series.